Sunday, April 24, 2011

1ne day

after a long time getting a mood to write down some post, which is also an assignment, so this is it. speaking in the public or public speaking is a better ways to build-up confident level, even though, mine are on top. speak in foreign language and in front of yet unknown peoples those who look/stare at us is hard to done than said. i love do those things, its gets me better and better in building self-confidence. thats some of value that i've learned. other things is we should listen and focus what people said even the topics is not interested. its teach us a good manner. we should listening if want to be listened. life is about learning. wise man once said; life is direct education from God, if we can not learned, nobody will teach us. well, i guess thats all i want to wrote for now. remember my fellow friends, every actions will bare a consequences. if you want peoples good to you, you to be good first. its all start with ourself.

p/s: i am learning to wrote better