Thursday, April 28, 2011

2wo day

working in a group is not easy as we thought. its always turn to bad things. to avoid the badness, we should be tolerate and be open in any ways. its hard to turn down our ego to heard to someone else. but if  w not hearing, we wouldn't be heard. in our life, we always didn't get what we wanted. an graphic designer can't be a good architect, and its vice versa. we only good in our field. but its doesn't mean that we have do it casually. we have to do our best even-more its involving a big amount of money. we are shooting for a moon. sky is not a limit. there's nothing impossible in this world. we are not alone in this world, so we have to share what we have to other. sharing is loving. so, thats it for today. honestly, i'm really blur today. sigh. salute.

p/s: listening to John Mayer...