Friday, May 06, 2011

5ive day

hello again and again. what you know about football/soccer? okay, they have Ronaldo, Messi, Rooney, Kaka' etc. imagine when all the stars players in one team. what it would be if there is no technic in their teams. can they win? its like when we have masters in vocabulary, thousands or millions words is in our heads BUT we don't know how, when to use it, or maybe we used it in wrong way. literally, we just same as living dictionary. from words we can create sentences. in sentences we have grammar and in grammar we have tense, subject-verb agreement (SVA) and voice. okay, as we know the basic tenses is past, present and perfect which it they have simple, perfect, continuous, perfect continuous respectively. the SVA can be divide into two categories; verb-to-be (is, was, are, were) and verb-to-have (has, had, have). while voice, they have active (subject+verb+object) and passive (object+verb+subject). actually this things is easy because Madam Baiti is a good lecturer. the way she teach us is unpredictable. so, i'm glad she teach us.