Saturday, May 14, 2011

6ix day

this is a letter to future me. dear Suhaimi, the more you learn, the less you know. keep learning even in a sleep. the test that you take recently showed that you still know nothing. yes, free your mind from unnecessary stuffs, load it up with all precious things. another test is coming soon, you better study hard and smart. if you don't, you'll regret in the end of it. help your other friends, they deserved the greatest too. you don't want success by yourself, you're not alone in this world. so, help them. do not be proud to others. as a leader of your class, you should realize how big the burden that you carried, but you have to be good whatever the consequences is. so, if you read this remember who you are and what is best for you. learn, learn, and keep learning. salute